Zeppelin 1917 – The Raid!

A journey through the streets and canalways of the Camberwell of 1917, bringing to life the events of the Raid of October 1917.

As part of a season of events within Burgess Park to commemorate 100 years since that tragic night, this special oral history has been created out of the findings of a dedicated team of volunteer researchers, and tells the story of those living and working in the area whose lives were so sorely devastated when a Zeppelin bomb fell on Calmington Road, killing 10 people.

Throughout October 2017, the Friends of Burgess Park, with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, created a month-long project, Zeppelin 1917, to uncover the stories of local heroes and the dramatic raid – right over what is now Burgess Park. Discover more about the other events and findings we uncovered on the Bridge to Nowhere website.

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