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Friends of Burgess Park Bridge to Nowhere circular logoWe’re collecting memories from anyone who remembers the area before it was a park, anyone who used to live here or grew up in the area. We’d also like to hear about how things were in the early days of the park – how was it while it was being constructed, what did you like about it, what didn’t you like?! Please do contact us and let us know.

If you’d like to research more about the park, there are plenty of resources available, and we’d love to have more pages for the site.

Try the Southwark Local History Library in Borough High St, or the London Metropolitan Archives as a start. Do you have a neighbour, friend or relative who remembers the area? Why not record an interview with them, to add to the collection?

Original Street Layout

Did you or your relatives live in any of these streets in what is now the park?

Satellite view of 2015, with 1895 street plan

Satellite view of 2015, with 1895 street plan

Do also check out the other pages in this menu – Memories, Other Websites, Read more, the Friends’ Website, etc.

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